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Independent Record Companies present
an Alternative Stage on SPOT
May 28, 2004
Lise Westzynthius
Camilla Munck.

On this year's SPOT Festival the independent record companies increase their profile. Not only are 21 record companies contributing compared to last year's 15, they are also going to present their music live on an outdoor stage near the booths. Here you can experience the likes of Lise Westzynthius, Camilla Munck (from Wynona), Maya Albana and 11 other acts, non of whom are in the official SPOT programme.

The contributory companies range from the "established" Crunchy Frog via Swan Lee's Gogo Records to the "one-man company" BSBTA. The initiative springs from the acknowledgement of the importance of joining forces in some instances to gain a greater impact. At the same time the independents wish to make it clear to the audience that new fresh and fascinating bands don't just come out of thin air, but that their coming about can to some extent be ascribed to the undergrowth of independent record companies.

By the way, this is not a declaration of war against the "big, bad multinationals". According to the organizers, one of the aims is to create one continuous food chain from the smallest independents to the "majors".

The independent Programme:

16.00 David Kosteljanetz
16.30 Simon Gylden
17.00 Klaus Handsome
17.30 Rent Mel
18.30 Viva Vertigo
19.00 Yellow Box Mentality
19.30 Labrador
20.00 Maya Albana
20.30 But his hands were tiny and so she said
21.00 Lise Westzynthius
21.30 Camilla Munck

14.00 Je m’appelle mads
14.30 Soviet subliminal seduction
15.00 Sterling

The companies involved are: Auditorium, Crunchy Frog, Morningside Records, BSBTA, Jenka Music, Display Records,Noise Jihad, Kosyrex, Bad Afro, Cope Records, HomeBrew, April Rec, Murena Rec, Gogo Records, Divine Records, Loadstar Records, Play/Rec, Kamuflage, Quartermain Records, Orpheus Records, Bird Hits Plane Records as well as the music magazine Geiger.

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