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Jokeren, Tobias Trier and Teitur added to the programmeMarch 31, 2004
Jokeren - tells it like it is at SPOT 10.
Tobias Trier - plays songs from his third
album at SPOT 10.
Denmark’s leading hip hop artist, Jokeren, will be dropping by the SPOT 10 festival. Arriving with both a Danish Music Award and two brand new Steppeulve (“Steppenwolf” – a critic’s award), it is a solid favourite of both audience and critics SPOT 10 has added to the programme.

Another newcomer to the list is Tobias Trier, who has been highly praised by critics for his third album which is loaded with gentle pop/rock, Pigen Som Kalder – Girl Calling. Up the same alley we find Teitur, the Faroese, a bit of an old friend to the SPOT 10 because he came into contact with his British manager through a performance at the Aarhus festival years back. Since then he has given loads of concerts around the world and released his outstanding CD debut, Poetry & Aeroplanes. From that album, “I Still Sleep With The Lights On” is a radio hit song at the moment in Denmark, turning this year’s SPOT concert into a somewhat triumphant homecoming.

Worth mentioning among the other names now ready to be made public: Grand Avenue, The Blue Van, Redrama (SF), Ricochets (N), SPEKTR, Diefenbach, Amber, Lake Placid, Lampshade, Moon Gringo, Leisure Alaska, Duo Kapow, Magnum 44, Kaada (N), Angu (GRL), Stine Michel, Moonbabies (S), Salley Gardens og Span. All very exciting names with both a future and a present:

Redrama is the biggest hip hop name in Finland, Amber has been to the US to record their album debut featuring the grunge veteran Steve Albani, persistent rumours have it that there is record contract for Blue Van. And SPEKTR is a superb nutty film garage rock band with members from both Raveonettes and The Pleasure Machine, while Norwegian Ricochets is among the most praised and commended rock bands in the country.

Prior to this the following acts have been confirmed: Tim Christensen, Tue West, Thomas Dybdahl (N), Múm (IS), José González (S), Kira & The Kindred Spirits, Baby Woodrose, Ephemera (N), Don Johnson Big Band (SF), Nephew, David & The Citizens (S), Hush, Mugison (IS), Laakso (S), Nikolaj Nørlund m. Rhonda Harris, First Floor Power (S), Silver (N), Tiger Tunes, Zaki, Stomped, Rag City Dolls, Ben Horn (DK/N), Utah, Tys Tys, Static & Nat Ill, The Burning Primitive, Jogujo Circuit, Serras, Mellophone og Magnet (N), Larsen & Furious Jane, Powersolo, Martin Ryum, Sepiamusic, Marvellous, Virgo, Out of Phase, The Fashion, Sgt. Petter (N), Epo-555, Naut, Malkin Zany, Hush, Coolsville, Lupus, Maghic Bullet Theory, Franka, Antophones, Money Your Love, Mnemic and Moose Matrix feat. Bjørn Svin.

The SPOT 10 programme is constantly growing, and more names will be revealed in the near future.

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