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SPOT 10 featuring Tim Christensen, Thomas Dybdahl and MúmMarch 1, 2004

Henrik Friis

Tim Christensen - ready for SPOT 10.
Now the first names to appear on the SPOT 10 Festival have been released. The recent winner of three Danish Music Awards, Tim Christensen is one of the main artists. On top of last year’s success, the quietly intensive Norwegian Thomas Dybdahl is back, joined by Islandic Múm, whose floating mix of electronica and Nordic folk music makes promises of new great tales from the saga island.

Featuring such names furthermore establishes the fact that, the SPOT 10 Festival – on the 4th and 5th of June in Aarhus – for its 10th anniversary has set the musical course for Scandinavian waters in the search of new musical currents. Again the predominant objective is to introduce upcoming bands, which have either just broken through to the great limelight or are on their way to succeed.

This is further emphasized by the additional bands accompanying the above mentioned, namely José Gonzales (S), Kira & the Kindred Spirits, David and the Citizens (S), Hush, Mugison (IS), Laakso (S), Larsen & Furious Jane, Powersolo, Martin Ryum and Sepiamusic.

The next names will be revealed continuously within the nearest future, until SPOT 10’s approximately 60-70 concerts have been scheduled. On top of this is the panel programme, which seeks to throw the musical (dis)order of today into relief through lectures and debates with both Danish and international participants.

SPOT 10 is being held this year at the Concert Hall, “Ridehuset” and the surrounding area in central Aarhus. Bookings have already begun – please see under “Ticket Sales” in the margin on the left.

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