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SPOT 10 online – now with sound
This is what the band player looks like. Try it by clicking
SPOT band-player in the margin to the left or by clicking
the icon to the right.
This year's SPOT festival features a number of well-known acts - Tim Christensen, Jokeren, Tue West etc. However the main idea behind SPOT 10 is still to give room on stage to the rhythmic music's growth layer, and this practice we transfer to our website with a "SPOT band player".

As something brand new this year, the SPOT Festival has established a special "SPOT band player" on with information, pictures, links, and - not least - complete tracks with almost all the bands on the festival. So now the audience and the many invited industry people and media people can prepare online for this year's festival or follow up on the concert experiences afterwards.

This particular feature on has come about in cooperation with TDC - the main sponsor of SPOT 10, and in that connection the managing director of ROSA, Gunnar Madsen says,
"As a new initiative we cooperate with TDC Denmark - not just for the sake of the sponsorship, but rather because with this cooperation we send a clear signal that in the context of communication the future is now." And the ROSA leader adds, "The band player is but one example of this development."

The initiative with the "SPOT band player" is part of SPOT 10's general focus on the new digital possibilities for music, its practitioners, and its consumers. At present, the record industry finds itself in midstream, with the number of sold copies going down while the number of downloads increasing rapidly.

This situation will be the central theme on this year's SPOT Festival, in particular by virtue of seminars and panel debates on the digital opportunities for music as wells as the festival's Keynote Speech on Saturday June 5, which has the "Digital Distribution of Music" as its subject and is presented in cooperation with TDC.

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