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Tue West, Nephew and ambient compositional music spiced up with Bjørn SvinMarch 15, 2004

Henrik Friis

Tue West - signed for SPOT 10.
Tue West, who since the release of his first album in October has been awarded with gold and a grant by the National Arts Foundation, is on the programme for this year’s SPOT Festival, which takes place in Århus on 4 – 5 June.

The same goes for the radio favourites Nephew, the “Upcoming Artist”-award winners Marvellous, Virgo, whose first album is released at the end of this month, Out of Phase, The Fashion, Norwegian Sgt. Pepper, Epo-555, Naut, Malkin Zany, Hush, Coolsville, Lupus, Maghic Bullet Theory, Franka (Danish Music Award winner in the category “Country Album of the Year”), Antophones, Money Your Love, Mnemic - and furthermore a rather special setup: Moose Matrix feat. Bjørn Svin, - ambient compositional music meets Mr. Svin’s entire home computer sound store.

Previously published names for SPOT 10 are: Tim Christensen, Thomas Dybdahl (N), Múm (IS), José González (S), Kira & The Kindred Spirits, David & The Citizens (S), Hush, Mugison (IS), Laakso (S), Larsen & Furious Jane, Powersolo, Martin Ryum and Sepiamusic.

More SPOT 10 names will be published in the near future.

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