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In a new initiative, ROSA and have decided to cooperate on publishing concert reviews on the english SPOT 10-site.

After having conquered SPOT 10's Ridehus stage on Friday June 4th, Powersolo will be going on a fair-sized Germany tour: The Booty Bar-B-Q Tour. Starting in Greifsburg and visiting Berlin, Frankfurt, and Hamburg, the crazy Jutlanders are going to play a total of 19 concerts.


Music has emerged from products on the record shelves to downloaded services from Internet sites. As we move towards a future of wireless connections trafficing music everywhere there is little or no need for storage media like CDs or DVDs. Mads Thimmer, co-founder of Innovation Lab, summons the near future of music in a tech age, with room for new players such as hard ware producer Apple, soft drinks company Coca-Cola, and Danish telco operator TDC in a music distribution gone digital.

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